Revelstoke mom hoping to win Inked Magazine contest so she can take her boys on exotic fishing trip

Mom fishing for covergirl

Jennifer Bowden is hoping to become the cover girl of Inked Magazine, but not for the fame.

The Revelstoke mother of two wants to take her sons on an exotic fishing trip, and the general public can help her do that.

Growing up, Bowden used to fish with her father who died tragically in a car accident a decade ago.

When her boys got older, she began to take them fishing and the love of the outdoor activity proved to be generational.

Bowden is also a big fan of body art and she got her first tattoo when she was 20.

“I didn't get anymore for quite a few years afterwards,” she said. “In 2014, I got a bigger piece on my leg and it kind of spiralled from there. I get one or two a year. I have 29 now.

“I tend to get things that I think would look beautiful on my body.”

Several of her tattoos also hold special meaning, including a dragonfly which Bowden said is a nod to her father.

Another is a heart with a banner that says “Myself,” a reminder to look after herself as a single mom.

The world of modelling is new to Bowden, who said she has a hard time “putting myself out there,” but she is currently in first place in her division.

And Bowden admits, she is somewhat surprised by that as she is going up against experienced models with large social media followings.

“I have only just started putting myself out there. I had a 60-pound weight loss and I just went through a really hard separation. I started building my confidence and I decided to go in this competition,” she said, adding now she is getting offers from alternative model tattoo magazines.

But at the end of it all, Bowden's two sons are her priority, and if she wins the competition, she plans to take her boys on their dream fishing trip to Hawaii or Mexico where they will fish for Mahi-mahi and Marlin.

She also plans on upgrading her fishing boat for continued angling adventures with her sons.

“I want something we would be a little safer on out on the big lakes,” she said.

The competition is vote based on who ever has the highest number of votes wins.

To vote for Bowden, click here.

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