Reddit thread documents some of the weirdest sights seen in Vancouver

Vancouver's weirdest sights

Ever see someone jogging down the street covered in blue paint? Or found a bunch of dildoes? Or hundreds of chickens at a busy intersection?

A Reddit thread on r/Vancouver includes these moments and more. After user u/allerralapeche asked the community about the 'strangest thing you've ever seen walking down the street in Vancouver?' people came up with a wide variety of experiences.

While some get pretty dark, others are more fun.

"Chickens, hundreds of them at 4 or 5 am, animal rights group let them out of their cages at the slaughterhouse on Hastings at Commercial," writes u/Noisy_Ninka1. "It was like the most aimless gathering of stupid birds ever, most just stood there, others wandered into traffic..."

It seems animals in general catch attention.

"Does a baby deer right in the middle of Granville and Nelson count?" writes u/NotACoachman.

"A Barred Owl killing a pigeon in the middle of Robson and Thurlow intersection at 2:00 am," writes u/BabysInBlack. "Stumbling across this scene drunk was the most surreal experience. At one point the owl grabbed the pigeon and flew straight into the Starbucks window, shook itself off and flew up to The Keg roof to eat."

Often, though, it's people acting abnormally that caught people's eyes.

"In recent memory, a fully built shed being pushed down the road to Strathcona park," says u/Kooriki.

Or the homeless men racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. Their antics led to the creation of the Leo Award-winning film Carts of Darkness.

"This happened today, I was riding my bike, but still. I saw a flamboyantly dressed guy rollerblading backwards on English Bay practicing his nunchuck skills," writes Bentrstrings84.

"A guy steering a remote control pickup truck through Gastown, with his pet rat riding on the back," writes u/louisdosed.

"Two people rush out of a limo completely naked on Granville A super hot girl and dude with a huge schlong proceed to do cart wheels and then jump back into the limo and leave. Must have dared each other or something."

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