Vancouver Island resort’s mask sign goes viral, makes it to Hockey Night in Canada

Resort's sign goes viral

In the middle of a global pandemic, we all need to take steps to protect each other – and one of the easiest is to wear a mask. 

Oyster Bay Resorts in Campbell River has used humour to encourage anti-maskers to cover up.

“Wear the mask,” reads their letterboard sign. “It’s not like we’re asking you to wear a Flames jersey.”

The burn on the Vancouver Canucks' arch rivals was the work of Andy Peterson, a longtime Canucks fan.

A photo of the sign quickly made the rounds on social media, including Hockey Night in Canada's Instagram, where it has racked up over 12,000 likes.

“It’s amazing how much it’s taken off,” said Peterson. “To see it shared on the Hockey Night in Canada page was just surreal. It was the greatest thing ever. I couldn’t believe it.”

The sign has been a hit in person as well, with many people stopping to take pictures. Currently, the sign has a slightly different message on the opposite side.

“A guy pulled in here Saturday and said, ‘I’ve got a bunch of fans that are Leafs fans, can you change one side to Leafs?’ and I said sure!” said Peterson with a laugh. “So one side says Leafs and the other side says Flames.”

Peterson was quick to point out that it was all in good fun and tongue in cheek. But some Flames fans didn’t find the joke funny.

“You wouldn’t believe the malicious calls my wife has had to deal with at the front desk,” he said. “One woman called saying she was from Red Deer and she just screamed for five minutes about how offensive it was and ‘how dare you.’”

“Another guy called and wanted to know how much it was for four chalets over Christmas,” he added. “It was going to be a little over two grand and then he said, ‘Well you can ****ing kiss that goodbye, because I’m a Flames fan,’ and hung up.”

“I can’t believe people act like that and take it that seriously,” he said. “It’s a sign, dude.”

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