Sea to Sky Gondola offering $250,000 reward for information on who cut the cables

Big reward for gondola info

The Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish is putting up a tremendous reward for information on who was responsible for cutting the attraction's cables for a second time.

Nearly two weeks after the gondola cables were cut, the company has announced they are offering a $250,000 reward for information that will result in the arrest and conviction of the people responsible, as well as information on who cut the cables in 2019, according to CTV News Vancouver.

The announcement came from Squamish RCMP and the gondola general manager Kirby Brown during a news conference on Friday at the site.

When the incident occurred on Sept. 14, the gondola security team called the RCMP after discovering the damage at 4 a.m. The investigation has been ongoing ever since.

Squamish RCMP Sgt. Sascha Banks said at the time that the cables were cut deliberately and it was not an accident.

"This was done by someone, or a group of individuals, who cut the gondola cable similar to last year," she said.

Nobody was injured as a result of the incident and the gondola remains closed.

According to the Sea to Sky Gondola website, staff have obtained surveillance video of the incident which they describe as vandalism.

The cables were cut previously in August 2019 and Mounties are investigating to determine if the two incidents are connected.

After the first incident, the gondola re-opened in February and management say stricter security measures were implemented including cameras, sensors and a loud alarm.

Brown says he is confident that these enhancements will speed up the investigation progress, compared to the first time the cables were cut.

"I am completely confident that compared to the information the RCMP had last time, versus this time, it's a new world," he said. "And I think that's probably all I can really say about that at this point in time."

-With files from CTV News Vancouver 

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