BC Care Providers release guide for families wanting to improve visits with their family members in long-term care during COVID

Improving your family visit

The BC Care Providers Association along with EngAge BC have released a new guide 'The Best Visit Possible' for families wanting to make the most of in-person and virtual visits with their family members in long-term care.

The association represents most of B.C.'s long-term care and assisted living operations and wants to showcase the best practices for the sector amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The guide was created in consultation with sector stakeholders including care providers, family council representatives, residents and family members.

“Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, no issue has been more vexing and heart wrenching than the issue of restricting family visits,” says Terry Lake, CEO of BCCPA and EngAge BC. “So much so, that the sector was in many ways unprepared for the loss of comfort and support that family members provide as integral members of the care team.

“While there is no substitute for the level of access family members had pre-COVID, the Best Visit Possible guide does provide many helpful ways to improve the visitation experience while keeping staff, residents and their loved ones safe.”

This guide builds upon previous guides put out by the group.

“There is much more work to be done by our organization when it comes to supporting our families during and after the pandemic ends,” says Lake.

“We will continue to work alongside our partners at the Ministry of Health and at the health authorities to establish a balance between keeping residents and staff safe and ensuring that residents have access to the family support they rely on to live well.”

To download a copy of the guide click here.

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