App provides multi-language platform to help prevent overdose deaths

OD prevention app launch

A new app has launched to allow individuals of various backgrounds to rapidly get a response to an overdose emergency with resources that are suitable for their needs.

Oxus Machine Works Limited (OMW Ltd.), a health technology firm specializing in innovations for diverse communities, launched the Overdose Intervention (ODi) platform to address the ongoing public health emergency and rise in overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This vital tool engages the entire community in ensuring we are prepared for any circumstance that involves an overdose emergency," wrote Upkar Singh Tatlay, the managing director of OMW Ltd. in a news release.

"Often the onus is on the user themselves, but by placing this digital asset in everyone's hands we are making sure that this a community-wide response and we are all empowered to act."

The ODi app allows the person to directly connect with emergency personnel through built-in features. 

The free app also provides step-by-step guidance on identifying the symptoms of an overdose, performing emergency first aid, and administering naloxone, in multiple languages. It is currently available in Punjabi and soon in Urdu and Indigenous languages.

"In addition, communities that are most directly impacted by this health crisis such as South Asians are often left out of consideration when it comes to programming, technology, and content," added Tatlay. 

"The Overdose Intervention platform ensures that the unique needs of BIPOC communities are met through the delivery of linguistic and culturally appropriate content.”

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