Vancouver bar refuses entry to riders on packed party bus

Party bus turned away

A large group of party-bus riders were turned away from a Vancouver bar on Saturday night.

When the group parked outside the Living Room Bar at Hotel Belmont, staff made sure the pack didn't come in.

Bar manager Don Falconer tweeted that 20 to 25 people climbed out of the vehicle in front of the bar.

"Take your rolling penthouse party somewhere else," he said.

The passengers were apparently "shocked and angry," when staff denied them entry.

Falconer says the party bus rolled up about 11 p.m. Saturday. 

"Jeff Simpson, our assistant general manager, was the first person to go out and talk to the group," he said. "We knew as soon as that bus rolled up it was a no-go."

One of the people on the bus asked to come in to use the bathroom, but that staff informed him he wasn't welcome in the bar after being on the bus. 

"It is a safety issue, and we are considering the community at large," said Falconer.

It is the law in British Columbia that no alcohol can be consumed while travelling in any vehicle. Passengers need to know that limousine or party bus operators must refuse to board passengers carrying alcohol and they must terminate trips if they find alcohol being consumed in a vehicle. Operators who do not comply with liquor laws run the risk of losing their licence.

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