New study says Canadians see vaccine as key to return to normal

Vaccine seen as key

While scientists work on developing a vaccine that can immunize against the coronavirus, a new study indicates three-in-five Canadians worry about side-effects.

While health experts have warned that a post-COVID-19 “return to normal” – may not occur until long after a critical mass of Canadians receive a yet-to-be developed vaccine.

No one knows when or if a coronavirus vaccine will become available, but debate and discussion over who should get it first, whether vaccination should be mandatory, and worries about potential side effects are already being hotly debated.

The latest data from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians, for the most part, intend to get vaccinated but from there, opinions divide.

Half of Canadians say they have no reservations and are ready to get a vaccination as soon as it becomes available. However, one-in-three, or 32 per cent, say they would likely wait a while.

The one big divide for these two groups centres around worry over potential side effects from a new and potentially quickly developed immunization. The majority of those who say they will wait to get the vaccine, 76 per cent, also say they are worried about side effects. By contrast, among those who are eager to get it, 37 per cent, half as many are worried about the same issue.

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