FortisBC survey looks at pandemic activities

More baking, less showering

Perhaps those humorous Facebook memes about people not paying attention to personal hygiene during a pandemic are true.

Fortis BC conducted a pandemic survey that turned up some interesting results.

While many areas in question had not changed, Fortis found there was a 19 per cent decrease in using personal styling equipment and a 14 per cent drop in showering.

The survey also found there was an increase in people baking bread.

Not surprisingly, various screen time activities like watching TV or being on a computer or smart phone topped the list, but that was closely followed by high-energy use activities like baking and cooking hot meals.

In addition to using energy during the cooking process, energy is also used for related activities like washing dishes and laundry.

But even with people spending more time at home, there has not been a jump in electricity or natural gas consumption.

“In addition to changing their furnace filter and replacing weatherstripping, people were taking part in a number of energy saving activities,” a statement from FortisBC said.

“The energy draw from both the FortisBC natural gas and electric systems was on par with previous years, but if people have changed their habits and activities as a result of self-isolating, they may see some variations on their bill compared to other periods. People can track changes to their energy use by reviewing their account online.”

To see the full survey, click here.

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