Expanding social circles not happening any time soon: Dr. Henry

Keep that bubble small

"Few faces, bigger spaces" is still the name of the game.

During her COVID-19 update on May 30, B.C.'s provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said adding more people to one's social circle likely won't happen any time soon.

Prior to the Victoria Day long weekend, British Columbians were told they could expand their bubble by two to six people.

"I don’t see that changing in the short-term," Henry said.

Expanding one's circle depends on that person's situation and their family, she said.

"If your child is going to school, if you’re going back to work, then you really want to limit the other connections that you have because those are all things where you’re going to be connected with another group and you’re connected with their connections.

"If you’re not going back to school, if you’re not going back to work or you’re continuing to work from home and do things remotely, then you might want to expand to another family or household or group. But right now, we need to hold those limits small," Henry explained.

B.C.'s top doc used a community outbreak in Saskatoon as a cautionary tale; the outbreak was declared on May 27 following two large family gatherings earlier in the month.

"We see this can spread very quickly if we’re not careful that way," Henry said.

With voluntary, part-time school for K-12 starting up next Monday, it's not the time to look at expanding other circles, she added.

"Let’s watch and be careful like we have been doing and continue to take those physical distancing measures, all the important things that have allowed us to continue to keep things very low and under control in this province."

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