Celebrate National Police Week virtually from May 10 to 16

Solve your own investigation

This year's National Police Week takes place May 10 to 16 with a focus on specialized teams and units, themed 'One uniform, many specialities.'

This theme recognizes all of the different specialities that the police force is made of, despite officers wearing the same uniforms.

Behind the scenes, there are more than 150 specialized teams and services that make up the RCMP.

To celebrate the week, BC RCMP are featuring various specialized teams across all the levels of policing including international, federal, provincial and municipal while highlighting all of the important roles each play during a routine investigation.

The public is invited to play the investigator and follow along during an interactive scenario on the BC RCMP Facebook page.

Starting Sunday, you can interact with the RCMP and others everyday on Facebook to watch the scenario unfold, while learning how the various units work together.

These specialized units are vital to policing as they work together to reach the greater good of general safety. Depending on a situation, different units are called to the scene to assist the frontline workers. This allows each officer with certain skills to focus on their roles in order for everyone to work as a team to reach a common goal.

These goals usually pertain to safer communities and justice for victims.

And the diversity of skills in policing careers are a reason why many choose to the police service for their life-long careers. These frontline workers can choose to specialize in a certain aspect of policing or they may choose to develop expertise in various skills throughout their career.

National Police Week is the time to acknowledge and celebrate the essential work that police officers and public safety employees do within our communities to keep residents safe. This week also serves as a reminder of the risks that these people face everyday. 

The BC RCMP encourages everyone to participate in this week to show their support for the officers that keep Canadians safe.

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