'Pride 2020' Collection released in support of The Bridge Services

Pride collection for support

With Pride cancelled across the country, You Are Collective and graphic designer, Chris Bingham from Cyan Bold Design have released a clothing collection in support of The Bridge Youth + Family Services Etcetera Youth Group in Kelowna. 

The 'Pride 2020' Collection is a collaborative effort aiming to create an impactful and empowering way of supporting and acknowledging the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

The collection features bold and brave designs to show support, coming together, and spreading the love at an exceptionally extraordinary time in our world.

"The treatment and stigmatization of LGBTQ2IA+ youth is an issue the trio wants to continue to bring awareness and change to," stated in a press release on Friday. 

"LGBTQ2IA+ youth face approximately 14 times the risk of suicide and substance abuse than heterosexual peers according to CMHA. This is why the importance of positive outside influences and a sense of community for LGBTQ2IA+ youth is so important."

Proceeds from 'The Pride 2020' collection will go to support Etcetera Youth Group, a safe space for LGBTQ2IA+ youth and their allies to feel supported, understood, and celebrated.

You can pre-order your gear in time for virtual Pride celebrations.

You Are Collective owners Rebecca Steinhubl and Michael Nolan launched the #1MillionCampaign in January to fund 1,000,000 counselling sessions across Canada.

"Since then, they've been partnering with entrepreneurs, organizations, and initiatives to bring accessible and funded mental health care to all while empowering people on their mental health journeys."

Recognizing the gaps in the mental health community from living with mental illness themselves, the couple founded You Are Collective in 2018 to raise awareness and end the stigma against mental health and illness.

To date, they've raised more than $3,000 through apparel, events, workshops, and donations.

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