Caught on camera: eagle vs wolf in Terrace BC

Eagle vs wolf: on camera

As many of us are forced to work from home or are unable to work at all, more and more people are scouring the internet looking for distractions from COVID-19 news.

Castanet, as always, has you covered as we explore the question: eagle vs. wolf, who would win?

Trail camera footage from Terrace, B.C. helps answer the question. These photos shared on social media show an adult bald-headed eagle and a wolf battling it out over carrion scraps left on the ground.

You might think the wolf would have the advantage, at least on the ground but that does not appear to be the case. A full-grown eagle's wingspan can exceed seven feet and their talons can grow larger than a man's hand.

Typically wolves grow to between three and five feet and adult eagles learn to disable larger prey with a powerful strike directed at the back of the skull of larger mammals such as wolves, deer and mountain goats.

These photos also show the eagle forcing the wolf to retreat and give up on the carrion meal, but we don't know what happened after the camera stopped recording.

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