Vancouver police uncover cache of weapons in Oppenheimer Park

Huge gun cache at tent city

A cache of weaponry large enough to fuel a massive, armed confrontation was found by police in Oppenheimer Park Tuesday night.

The haul included nine guns, more than 30 knives, two machetes, two axes, a hunting bow, several air rifles and a replica uzi.

“This is a unique seizure because of the size of the stash of weapons in this one location,” Vancouver Police Department spokesperson Sgt.  Aaron Roed said in a news release.

The weapons were found in plain sight within a communal tent in the park. The tent’s occupant has not been identified.

VPD investigators are now analyzing the cache to determine which weapons are real versus replicas.

Officers were in the area responding to a 9-1-1 call about a domestic dispute in progress in the park, inside a tent.

All in, the VPD’s haul included:

  • one airsoft Glock handgun
  • one SKS rifle
  • one airsoft AR-15
  • two 6mm cal. orange handguns
  • one silver revolver
  • suspected replica Uzi
  • suspected replica rifle receiver
  • one rifle butt stock sawed off
  • seven cans of bear spray
  • one compound hunting bow
  • over 30 knives
  • two machetes
  • two axes
  • two smoke grenades
  • two smoke bombs
  • one pair of handcuffs
  • various shotgun shells and rifle ammunition
  • over a dozen propane tanks
  • drugs, including powders, pills and liquids
  • multiple bicycles

The remaining weapons and drugs are in police custody and will be destroyed.

“We are working with the community to keep the neighbourhood safe,” Roed said. “Taking these weapons off the streets is another step in the right direction. Officers will continue providing a presence, keeping the peace, and ensuring public safety for the park and surrounding neighbourhood.”

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