Sense BC says speed enforcement using manipulated stats

Speed kills your pocketbook

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Sense BC and videographer Chris Thompson are back with the release of Speed Kills Your Pocketbook 2 – Lying With Statistics.

Six years ago, the group's Speed Kills Your Pocketbook video attracted nearly two million views and received international recognition for lifting the lid on traffic enforcement in British Columbia.

The new video delves more deeply into the messaging and promotion behind recent road safety changes.

“The public in B.C. should be concerned about how the government and news agencies manipulate and misreport statistics, demonize vehicles, and advance the war on drivers while driving continues to become safer," says Thompson.

"In B.C., 150,000 of 350,000 crashes (42%) each year occur in parking lots. Of the crashes that occur on roads, 59% are in intersections. Yet speeding and stationary cellphone tickets remain the top obsessions of ICBC and police," adds Thompson.

Subsequent to the original video in 2013, the province raised speed limits on some 1,300 kilometres of British Columbia highways.

"Weak reporting of government and anti-motor-vehicle activist-driven research," coupled with a new government dealing with mounting losses at ICBC, was followed by half of those increases being rolled back in spite of data which did not support many of those rollbacks, the group alleges.

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