British Columbia celebrates Multiculturalism Week, Nov. 17-23

Celebrating diversity in B.C.

British Columbia proclaimed the third week of November as Multiculturalism Week which is celebrated yearly.

"B.C. Multiculturalism Week celebrates the ways our lives are made better by the incredible diversity of the people in our province. I am so grateful to live in a place where people from all over the world have chosen to put down roots and share their cultures with each other, explains Anne Kang, Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism.

Passed in 1993, British Columbia’s Multiculturalism Act was built on the aspiration of creating a multicultural society free from racism, where individuals are treated with respect and dignity and all British Columbians have equal opportunity to participate in the community.

"As a first-generation Canadian, I realize the courage it takes for people to leave their homes behind in search of new opportunities and a better life for their families. Today, we are so lucky to be able to experience the cultural mosaic of a province that is home to people who trace their origins to more than 200 countries or regions," adds Kang.

As the most ethnically diverse province in Canada, B.C. is home to 204 First Nations, vibrant Metis and urban Indigenous communities and residents who trace their origins to more than 200 countries or regions.

"This Multiculturalism Week, I encourage everyone in B.C. to find ways to learn about and build connections with people from cultures and backgrounds different from their own," says Kang.

Kang is B.C.'s newly appointed parliamentary secretary for multiculturalism and says she is committed to doing everything I can to uphold and protect B.C.'s cultural diversity.

"When I think about the future, I am filled with hope that our children will grow up in a world where everyone feels valued and respected."

"I hope you will join me in celebrating Multiculturalism Week in B.C. and stand with us as we work to create to a province that is open, welcoming and inclusive, and free of racism, hate and discrimination."

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