15,000 fans sign petition for clues in crow's disappearance

Where did Canuck crow go?

More than 15,000 fans of Canuck the Crow have signed a petition demanding that any CCTV footage in the area the bird went missing be examined for clues.

Vancouver’s unofficial winged ambassador hasn’t been spotted at his usual hangout zone in East Vancouver or the Still Creek Rookery in Burnaby since Aug. 30.

While there have been rumours the bird has died, has been crow-napped, released far from Vancouver or even taken as a pet, fans of the Canuck and I Facebook page believe there’s no evidence to make a final call, just yet.

Shawn Bergman, who runs the Facebook page and is widely known as the bird’s human best friend, is still “holding out hope” Canuck will find his way home.

The bird’s 130,000 fans on social media stretch far and wide.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart told reporters at a conference on Sept. 4 that he didn’t want to even imagine the city’s mascot being dead and he hoped Canuck had just flown away for the summer and would return soon.

“My office will keep their ears open and if there’s anything we can do to help, we’re happy to do that,” he said.

The change.org petition is calling on both Stewart and Conservation BC to help.

The petition now has 15,056 signatures from Canuck fans across the globe.

Vancouver Police are not investigating the missing crow.

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