Police remove protesters

UPDATE: 1 p.m.

Police have removed dozens of protesters from a barn at a hog farm in British Columbia's Fraser Valley where activists say a video was shot depicting sick and dead pigs in cramped crates.

Protester Susan Rowbottom says she was among about 50 people police led out of the barn at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford just before noon today.

Abbotsford police Sgt. Judy Bird says the protesters are not under arrest and are still standing outside, but there will be a criminal investigation of alleged mischief, break-and-enter and trespassing.

Another 135 individuals who arrived on buses early this morning have gathered outside the property wearing black shirts that read "Meat the Victims" and singing.

The demonstration comes after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a video that it says shows dead piglets as well as fully grown pigs with growths and lacerations.

Ray Binnendyk, one of the brothers who operates the farm, says they are raising the animals to the best of their ability, they love what they do and they are saddened by being depicted as "bad people."

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UPDATE: 9:30 a.m.

Police officers and activists are inside a pig farm in Abbotsford as part of a large protest this morning. 

Animal activist Amy Soranno is inside the pig farm, along with another 200 protestors, and documenting the protest. 

“This is Canada’s first Meat the Victims, we are here to document the realities and truth of what is happening to farm animals in Canada,” said Soranno. 

About 65 people are inside the farm and another 135 people are outside protesting.

Soranno says they are working with farmers and police to allow media into the pig farm. 

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ORIGINAL: 8:25 p.m.

Animal activists are occupying an Abbotsford pig farm this morning.

The Excelsior Hog Farm is the scene of a large protest involving 200 people, organizers say, and 65 of those are reportedly "locked down" inside the farm, where undercover video released to PETA recently revealed shocking conditions and dead animals.

The group says it is part of an international movement called Meat the Victims.

Busloads of protesters could be seen unloading at the farm property early Sunday.

“We have come together from all over North America in response to an investigation that was recently released from this farm. We are speaking out against the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry, and to stand in solidarity for the animals," the group said in a statement released to the media.

“The aim of this action is to expose the reality of what is happening to the victims of the meat industry and to challenge the current mindset within our society.

"The truth is being hidden from the public, and we believe that people are making choices that go against their values. Most people are against animal cruelty and would not want to support this industry if they knew what was truly happening."

The group says industry perpetuates a myth of humane treatment with labels such as local, free range, grass fed, organic, and cage free.

It claims the Abbotsford facility is not unique, but rather "a standard representation of factory farming here in Canada."

"This action is not about this one facility, or a call for better animal welfare standards, but rather a call to end the inherently violent animal agriculture industry entirely," the group's statement said.

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