Cannabis and pets

Chantelle Deacon

In Canada, cannabis has come a long way.

Many people have been taking it medicinally for years.

People from all across the country believe in the positive effects of cannabis so strongly they are now giving it to their pets.

"We know, that like a human, that it does help in certain ways," said Dr. Moshe Oz, veterinarian at Rose Valley Veterinarian Hospital in West Kelowna. "We know that it can be, I wouldn't say an alternative, but accompanied together with a medicine for pain, arthritis, or severe/ill patients, dogs and cats.

"It does help with the pain, it does help with the mood of course," adding that Moshe, by law, can't recommend cannabis products at this point in time.

True Leaf Pet, a cannabis company, produces and distributes hemp-based pet products that "helps pets live a long and healthy life."

"For a lot of my patients, we've seen really amazing responses with pets with arthritis," said Dr. Katherine Kramer, founding chair, Veterinary Advisory Board, True Leaf Pet. "I think all of my seizure patients are on some form CBD or cannabis."

If you are thinking about giving your pet a cannabis product, it's important to do your research and check with your local veterinarian.

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