Terrifying grizzly bear attack

A British Columbia park ranger is grateful to be alive after a terrifying grizzly bear attack outside his home in Bella Coola.

Jordan Carbery says he saw something moving outside his house early Tuesday morning, and when he went outside he saw some cubs in a cherry tree.

A branch broke and one of the cubs fell, catching the attention of the mother bear, who charged Carbery as he tried to run back to his house.

Carbery says the grizzly tackled him to the ground, wrapped her jaws around his head and picked him up with her mouth.

He says his scalp ripped and she dropped him, and he punched and kicked at her until he was eventually able to wriggle away and run back inside.

Carbery suffered a torn scalp, a chest laceration, deep puncture wounds in his legs and a damaged abdomen, and he's recovering in Vancouver General Hospital.

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