Get drunk on VPD

If you've always wanted to get drunk in front of police officers and have them pay for it, Vancouver is the place to be.

VPD officers are recruiting volunteers to get drunk on the department’s dime because they’re training students to do sobriety tests.

They’re looking for eight to 10 volunteer drinkers to come to their East Cordova Street office bright and early to take a few shots.

Police will be doling out doses of hard alcohol in order to get subjects' blood alcohol concentration to a pre-determined limit.

Volunteers’ end blood alcohol concentration is determined by officers, not participants. After all, this is for science.

Once you're good and drunk they will feed you pizza and then the tests begin.

The students need to successfully conduct the sobriety tests in order to pass the course.

Once the day is completed the officer's give you a ride home in a cruiser and participants are prohibited from driving for the rest of the day.

-with files from CTV

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