The Uber of camping

With more and more people taking to the great outdoors, where can one go to find a place to be at one with nature?

Enter the Uber of camping.

Guita Yazdani is the co-founder of Campertunity, an online site where landowners can offer their property for campers in need of a place to stay.

Provincial campgrounds are booked months in advance, as are many private sites, but Yazdani noticed there are plenty of private properties that can double as a campground.

The Lower Mainland entrepreneur is developing an app – similar to Uber – that will connect those in need of a spot with those able to provide a spot.

Yazdani's plans are to have the app up and running within the next few weeks.

“We all know in B.C., every summer it's the same deal - there just aren't enough campsites, so it just made sense if there is a demand for this, let's open up this market to private landowners,” Yazdani said.

The idea came to Yazdani while she was camping near Pemberton two years ago.

“I went on this camping trip and it was on private land and I remember putting the numbers together and thinking this is private land and this person is making thousands of dollars on this one weekend,” she said.

However, there is a question of liability for the landowner should someone get injured on their property, but Yazdani has looked into that as well.

Yazdani said all landowners have to do is get extended liability insurance on their existing home insurance for the campers.

And like the rise of Uber, Yazdani believes Campertunity is part of how the world is evolving.

“The shared economy is what the world is coming to and what it's going to be in the future,” said Yazdani. “It just makes sense. It brings communities together, it makes money, it helps the economy – people want to get involved in it.”

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