New hope in plane search

A group of snowmobilers has volunteered to search the area around Three Valley Gap for a missing plane and the two people who were on board.

Dominic Neron, 28, and Ashley Bourgeault, 31 were last seen taking off from Penticton in a single-engine Mooney and were expected to land in Edmonton on Nov. 25.

Tammy Neron, the pilot’s sister, put a call out on Facebook Wednesday, saying the family is looking for anyone with snowmobiles who can help search for a day or two.

“Even just to get a couple people to the top of the mountains; there is an active snowmobiling trail there,” she said.

Neron said they have an area of interest, and if anyone can help, “that would be great.”

Four snowmobilers headed out Thursday to scour the area.

Bourgeault’s family had been sifting through thousands of images when they spotted something they believe could be plane wreckage and the word ‘HELP’ or ‘HERE’ written in the snow.

“We’ve been looking and looking, and something just popped out to us,” said Carol Barnes, Bourgeault’s cousin.

That image was taken near Cougar Mountain, northeast of Revelstoke.

The area the snowmobilers are searching is just outside Revelstoke, to the west.

“We found a bunch of sleds and snowmobilers (who) can help us out,” said Neron. “From that post, we got lots of help,” she said.

The family doesn't want to reveal exactly where the snowmobilers are searching, as they “don’t want people stepping on their tracks,” she said.

The Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre led a 13-day search of the Revelstoke area, but turned up nothing.

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