'Putting lives at risk'

Lives are being put in danger due to careless drivers.

For the third time this month, a motorist has driven over a firehose at an active fire scene and that is causing concerns for fire officials.

"If there (are) people in the building, you run over the hose, we lose our water supply,” Burnaby’s acting assistant fire chief, Barry Mawhinney told reporters following the fire.

“You're putting people's lives in danger."

On Thursday morning, a fire broke out at a city storage facility containing gas and fertilizer in Burnaby and as firefighters battled the flames, a car drove over the hose.

Two hours later, another car ran over a fire hose, this time at a fire near the University of British Columbia.

Last week, a similar incident resulted in a Vancouver firefighter suffering injuries to his lower body after a driver ran over a fire hose and dragged it down the street. The hose tore in half and whipped across the road, knocking the firefighter over. He was transported to hospital and is still recovering.

Driving over a hose is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal in British Columbia. If a police officer witnesses it or if firefighters can prove it happened, the driver could face an $81 fine.

- with files from CTV Vancouver

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