Bear cub killing in court

The killing of a black bear cub by a conservation officer in 2016 near Dawson Creek is headed for a Vancouver courtroom.

Conservation officer Micah Kneller responded to a concerned resident who found the cub on May 6, 2016.

“Despite a licensed rehabilitation centre indicating it could accept the cub, officer Kneller killed the cub,” says Lesley Fox, executive director of The Fur-Bearers.

The group plans to argue that the officer was not permitted to kill the animal because the Wildlife Act only permits him to kill animals that are likely to harm persons, property or wildfire.

“This is about the Conservation Officer Service obeying the law,” said Fox. “This bear cub deserved a second chance, but was denied that chance by the ... callous and unlawful decision to kill (it).”

A two-day hearing will start Wednesday at the Vancouver courthouse on Smithe Street.

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