Skiff of snow on wildfires

An area that has been a focus for BC Wildfire Service recently has received some relief with snowfall, but not enough.

The Southeast Fire Centre has seen an extreme drought this summer and wildfires continue to burn.

“Any precipitation is always welcome on the wildfire front, however we need significant amounts of precipitation to impact the forest fuels after the prolonged drought we have experienced this summer," said fire information officer Karlie Shaughnessy.

There have been a couple skiffs of snow along some fires near the Rockies and the showers felt in that area have been quite spotty.

“We do have a lot of fires near the Rockies, not necessarily burning on the peaks but the majority of fires in that area are definitely showing a decrease in fire behaviour as a result of cooler temperatures and in some cases precipitation,” she said.

There isn't a magic number, but a large amount of precipitation would be needed to have an impact on the wildfires.

“All of our fires are still active and burning and definite going to be burning into the winter,” said Shaughnessy.

She added that the wildfires are definitely seeing fall weather patterns and a decrease in temperatures which is definitely a sign that the fire season could potentially be over, but it is hard to say.

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