Lowest earners get a raise

The lowest paid workers in the province are getting a boost today.

B.C.'s minimum wage went up 50 cents Friday to $11.35 an hour, while those who serve liquor saw their wage bumped to $10.10 an hour.

Labour Minister Harry Bains calls the increase significant, saying B.C. now has the third-highest minimum wage in Canada.

Along with Friday's planned increase, Bains says the province will soon announce details of its fair wages commission.

"This commission, through consultation and research, will provide recommendations on how to get B.C. to a $15 an hour minimum wage with regular, measured and predictable increases that businesses can absorb," said Bains. "The commission will submit its first report within 90 days of its first meeting."

Bains says the government has listened to business owners, who say a gradual move to a $15 an hour wage is the best way to minimize the impact.

"And, they recognize that the move to a $15 an hour minimum wage is good for employee satisfaction and retention, benefits that are good for B.C. businesses, and good for our economy."

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