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UPDATE: 5:45 p.m.

Vancouver police say a rally and counter protest at city hall is now over. Police indicate only about 200 people remain in the area.

Some city streets around city hall, which were closed due to the large numbers of people, have now opened again. Traffic is flowing normally.

Police stated just five people were arrested for breaching the peace. Two others were escorted out of the rally to prevent a disturbance, but were not detained.

There were no reports of assaults, and no injuries.

An alt-right protest had been scheduled, however, only a handful of people showed up. A majority of the 4,000 people were there in support of diversity and inclusiveness, and against racism and bigotry.

UPDATE 2:14 p.m.

Vancouver police estimate approximately 4,000 people are currently at City Hall for the far-right rallies, which have disrupted traffic flow in the area. ‎

The VPD is advising motorists to avoid the area around City Hall due to traffic congestion. VPD has closed West 12th Avenue from Main Street to Cambie Street.

Officers are describing the atmosphere at the event as friendly

UPDATE 1:54 P.M.

Chanting "No hate, no fear, Nazis are not welcome here" thousands of people are gathering in front of Vancouver City hall to protest an alt-right gathering.

CTV is reporting there was a small scuffle between counter-protesters and a man carrying an anti-immigrant sign, but police quickly intervened.

"The man holding the sign is surrounded by police. Tempers seem to have cooled," Tweeted CTV Vancouver reporter Breanna Karstens-Smith at around 1:30 p.m.

Members of alt-right groups and counter protesters are expected to gather in front of Vancouver City Hall this afternoon.

The 2 p.m. rally is being organized by World Coalition Against Islam Canada and the anti-immigration Cultural Action Party of Canada, but if Facebook is any indication, there will be a lot more counter protesters than alt-right members.

Several thousand people have said they will be at City Hall to protest the alt-right movement, while only a handful of alt-right supporters have stated publicly they are going.

Joey De Luca, the head of the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam Canada, is expected to address his supporters, according to the rally’s Facebook page.

Police will be on hand and both sides are being urged to remain peaceful in their respective camps.

The Vancouver event comes a week after one woman was killed and several people injured when an alt-right supporter allegedly drove his car into a group of counter protesters in Virginia.

Earlier today in Boston, an alt-right gathering was cut short due to the overwhelming number of protesters.

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