New survey skews to NDP

With just a week to go until B.C. voters head to the polls, research by Insights West for CTV Vancouver shows NDP leader John Horgan appears to be connecting with provincial voters.

However, it also shows Liberal leader Christy Clark is the person people trust to manage the province's economy.

Results are based on three online studies taken from April 19-28. 

Ten specific questions were asked rating the three main party leaders. Of those, the survey shows Horgan ahead of his rivals in seven categories.

Horgan came out on top in questions pertaining to his connection with the electorate on issues, trustworthiness and the ability to bring about change.

Clark was the choice when it came to managing the economy, communication and temperament.

The survey also showed 86 per cent of people believe candidates should be required to attend at least one public debate in their riding, while 69 per cent believe politicians who show up at festivals and celebrations do so only to pander for votes.

Respondents also believe strict controls should be placed on political fundraising.

Nearly 80 per cent believe out-of-province, and anonymous donations should be banned. Another 77 per cent believe donations from corporations should be banned, with another 73 per cent saying donations from unions should also be barred.

More than a third are satisfied with the government's push for liquified natural gas, while only 20 per cent believe it will bring significant benefits to the B.C. residents.

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