Renters left in the dark

A power struggle between their landlord and BC Hydro has left a Mission couple in the dark.

Tanya and Robert Eely have been without power for four days since Hydro cut electricity to their home.

That's because their landlord, who lives in half the home, is locked in a dispute over switching to a new meter.

"We don't have heat... we don't have lights," Tanya told CTV.

"We're going to have to throw out our food that's been spoiled. That's going to cost money to replace it," Robert added.

Owner Ewa Gryz refuses to have the meter swapped out for a new smart meter or a radio-off meter. The current meter is inside the home and is expired, requiring replacement.

Gryz has refused to let workers inside, so on Tuesday they pulled the plug.

All meters have an expiry date of six to 12 years, and must be replaced by law, Hydro says.

While smart meters are free, some fear possible health effects from their radio waves. Hydro charges installation and monitoring fees for radio-off versions.

Gryz wants a digital meter, but Hydro says they are being phased out.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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