Doc looks at dark history

It was 98 years ago this week the First World War internment camp in Morrissey, B.C. closed and it is the focus of the seventh short documentary on a dark chapter in the province's history.

The Camps, produced by actor and filmmaker Ryan Boyko of Armistice Films, is a cross-Canada journey that looks at all 24 internment camps where more than 8,500 people were wrongfully imprisoned from 1914-20.

The documentaries feature interviews with internee descendants, archeologists, scholars and the military on why these internment operations are relevant today, 100 years later.

The second camp featured in the multi-video series was Vernon, which housed a camp made up of men, women and children of mostly Ukrainian decent.

The camp was where WL Seaton Secondary School currently sits.

The Morrissey documentary follows archeologist Sarah Beaulieu as she researches the cemetery in Morrissey where internees were buried during the internment operations.

The Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund (CFWWIRF) has set up a digital map that contains more than 5,000 digitized news articles dating from 1914-20, describing opinion of the time and showing the hardship endured by new immigrants who were invited to Canada and then had their civil and human rights taken away by the War Measures Act.

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