Dog swims with whales

A Victoria dog went swimming with the whales. And its owner caught it all on camera.

Alain Schmitz captured his golden retriever Colby going for a splash with two killer whales off Clover Point recently.

Schmitz regularly throws rocks for Colby to chase into the water on their daily walks.

But, earlier this month, the routine changed when two whales swam by, only 20 feet away.

Schmitz called Colby back to shore, fearing the whales were eyeing up the dog for a meal.

“She only came in because of the panic in my voice,” he told CTV. “She would’ve kept swimming.”

A handful of people on shore watched the unusual sight.

“I’ve never seen whales that close,” Schmitz said. “We were standing there with our jaws open.”

– with files from CTV Vancouver

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