Leg trap upsets rights group

Animal rights groups are upset over a leg-hold trap used at a Surrey golf course that caught a Canada goose last week.

The bird was found lying on the ground by a wildlife rescue group that was called out on Thursday evening.

“She was bleeding very heavily,” said Yolanda Brooks, spokesperson for Wildlife Rescue Associaton. “When they tried to catch her, she tried to escape but she couldn't take flight and she was slumped on the ground again.”

Brooks believes the trap was not intended for the goose.

“Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for us to see non-target animals suffering in traps like leg-hold traps,” Lesley Fox, executive director of The Fur-Bearers Association told CTV News. “We’ve also seen people’s pets, dogs, cats, even turtles have been found caught in traps such as these.”

Currently leg-hold traps are legal in British Columbia.

Meanwhile the goose is said to be still suffering from lacerations and not eating much.

–with files from CTV News

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