Invasive mussels stopped

Canadian conservation officers jumped into action and stopped a boat housing invasive mussels from reaching B.C. waters.

According to the conservation service, the boat coming from Ontario to B.C. failed to stop at an inspection station on April 28, near Elko on Highway 3.

“The incident was reported to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service who intercepted the vehicle and escorted it to the station for proper inspection,” writes the COS.

“Invasive mussels were found during inspection and a complete decontamination of the watercraft was performed.”

The COS says the operator of the vehicle was issued a violation ticket for failing to stop at an inspection station.

“This case is an excellent example of the importance of stopping at watercraft inspection stations to protect B.C.’s waters from invasive zebra and quagga mussels,” adds the COS.

Inspection teams have checked approximately 1,200 boats so far this year.

Of those, 64 were flagged as coming from high-risk locations, resulting in 12 decontamination orders and seven 30-day quarantines.

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