BC Election 2013  

Voting day is upon us

No more talk - no more rhetoric - no more promises.

The campaigning is over, now its up to the voters to decide what the make-up of the next government in BC will look like.

Polls across the province opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday morning and will remain open until 8 p.m.

A record 380,000 eligible voters have already cast ballots in advance polls held last week while others have cast absentee or mail-in ballots.

Another 2.7M voters are still eligible to vote.

Dennis Duggan, electoral officer for Kelowna-Lake Country says, based on advance poll turnouts, Tuesday should be a busy day at voting locations in the riding.

Duggan says the busiest time at the polls will be early morning, around lunch time and after work.

"If you can get out late morning or middle of the afternoon you should find it pretty much smooth sailing," says Duggan.

Duggan says voters should show up with their voting card at the polling station indicated on the card.

For people you didn't receive a voting card or left it at home, Duggan says you can still vote.

"What we need is identification. The best thing to have is a drivers licence because it has a picture and an address on it so we know where you live and you are who you are," says Duggan.

"Give us that information and we have all of the paperwork to determine what your voting area is. We'll look after them."

If you happen to be outside your riding, Duggan says you can still vote.

He says those people will be provided with a write-in ballot to fill out. Those votes will be sent to the proper riding after the election and will be added to those vote totals a few days after the election.

For a complete list of polling stations around the province, click here.

Castanet.net will have complete coverage of the 40th provincial election as soon as results begin to roll in after 8 p.m.

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