BC Election 2013  

Election voting begins Wednesday


Voters across the province can begin filling out ballots for the May 14 provincial election beginning tomorrow (Wednesday).

Advance polls will be available over a four day period from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. each day through Saturday, may 11.

All BC voters are eligible to vote in at any advance polls across the province regardless of where you happen to reside.

In order to vote in the advance poll voters must prove their identity and residential address to receive a ballot or to register when voting.

Acceptable identification includes:

  • Option 1 - A single document issued by the Government of BC or Canada that contains the voter’s name, photograph and residential address, such as a BC driver’s licence, BC Identification Card (BCID), or BC Services Card
  • Option 2 - A Certificate of Indian Status as issued by the Government of Canada
  • Option 3 - Two documents that together show the voter’s name and residential address. Both documents must show the voter’s name. At least one of the documents must also contain the voter’s residential address.

Please note: Digital or electronic documents (e.g. e-bills) are acceptable. Hand-written information on a document, photocopies or electronic scans/photos of a paper document are not acceptable.

Click here for a complete list of advance and general voting day sites.

An advance poll has also been set up at Kelowna International Airport.

In 2009, 290,220 votes were cast during advance polling days, 17.57 per cent of all votes cast during the election.

Voter turnout statistics will be made available on the afternoon following each advance polling day.

Ballots will not be counted until all polls have closed on Tuesday.          

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