BC Election 2013  

Clark touts liquified natural gas

Premier Christy Clark was in Northern BC this week to talk about her plans for a liquefied natural gas industry. During a tour of the new Port Edward Community school, Premier Clark saw a community thriving with hope and preparing for a future powered by natural gas.

“Communities like the one here in Port Edward are growing again and families are planning their future here,” said Premier Clark. “Now children can continue to learn in their hometown and families can stay together. This new school is what the future of liquefied natural gas looks like.”

The BC Liberals plan to take advantage of what they call a once-in-a-generation opportunity to safely recover natural gas from the northeast, liquify it in the northwest and export it to Asian markets for five times the price.

The Liberals say that over the next 30 years, this resource  has the potential to generate $1 trillion in economic activity and generate $100 billion in government revenue to be dedicated to the BC Prosperity Fund.

Producing natural gas in the northeast and turning it into liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the northwest would create a new industry here in BC.

According to the BC Liberals, over 39,000 construction jobs and over 75,000 jobs will be created once LNG plants are operational. There are reportedly five companies pursuing major projects in the area, and there are four additional proponents have expressed interest in locations at Grassy Point, near Prince Rupert.

Pacific NorthWest LNG has announced its plan to build a $9 to 11 billion facility in the District of Port Edward which will create 3,500 construction jobs and 300 permanent jobs in a community with the population of 544.

“Natural gas isn’t just an opportunity to strengthen our economy, it’s an opportunity to strengthen our communities,” said Premier Clark. “Port Edward is being revitalized by the natural gas industry. But this is all at risk with the NDP. They will chase jobs to Alberta, while we are creating jobs in communities throughout BC.”

The NDP have proposed a new tax on the natural gas industry which would drain $210 million in direct revenue from the industry over the next three years. They have not shown industry the clear positions that investors need. They oppose the development of clean-energy Site C, and are discussing a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, even though BC is already a world leader in the responsible recovery of the resource.

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