BC Election 2013  

BC First candidate runs in Penticton

Years ago, Doug Maxwell decided to get involved in politics at some point.

Now that he is retired, the business man who owned an auto repair shop in Penticton for 17 years, is ready to do just that.

Maxwell is running as the BC First candidate for Penticton.

The party mandate of BC First  is for the elimination of party politics because they believe every vote in the legislature should be free and open.

Maxwell’s personal reason for running is to start working on the province’s debt.

“My own reason to get involved is BC’s  debt is $50 billion and the interest we pay on that $50 billion  is $2.5 billion every year and that breaks down to $290,000 every hour,” he said.

The way to do that he said is to look at expenses  which goes back to the large raise the government gave themselves in 2007.

“MLAs need to set examples for everyone else,” he said. “How can we expect average people to tighten their belts when the government is giving themselves raises.”

Overall, he said, he makes four promises to the people in the riding.

The first is to donate 25 percent of his gross salary every month to charities in the riding for the full term of being MLA..

The second is he promises to fight for the elimination of party politics and promote responsible MLAs  who will vote for the will of their constituents.

The next is to fight to reduce higher end government wages.

Lastly, he promised to be diligent in reporting spending waste and promoting efficient use of tax dollars.

Maxwell and the other three candidates in the race will be at a candidates forum, organized by the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, from 7 to 9 p.m., April 30 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.

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