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The beauty of Fiji

Fiji is a republic in the South Pacific that is made up of 330 islands. The main Island, Viti Levu is surrounded by some of the best scuba diving sites in the world. The island provides miles of healthy coral that is home to an abundance of marine life. Fiji is also home to scenic, hidden waterfalls nestled in the jungle. The pools beneath are crystal clear and tremendously inviting. The people of Fiji are warm and welcoming, leading visitors through traditional villages and inviting them to experience a world rich with history and culture. These Canadian tourists journeyed to the far side of the world to experience the underwater beauty and mystery that Fiji offers. Staying at Volivoli resort, they ventured out to the reefs each day and night, slipping beneath the waves and coming face to face with some of the ocean's most fascinating animals. They traveled across the island to the Uprising Resort and connected with Aqua Trek Fiji Diving to witness a controlled shark feeding. Bull sharks, reef sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and other species gather for their chance at the fish scraps. This results in an opportunity for stunning pictures and videos. It also creates an opportunity for education and discussion surrounding sustainability and conservation. Jona from Aqua Trek explained that the nearby village relies on a harvest from the ocean. In order to survive, fishing rights have been sold to commercial operations that have depleted the fish populations. Shark feeding brings tourism and revenue without the island inhabitants having to give up their precious ocean resources. The sharks inspire a love for the species and people who come here leave with a sense of responsibility to protect the sharks. Guests see that sharks are not dangerous killers. They are majestic creatures that benefit the reef populations and also us. The Fijian people welcomed these tourists with open arms, sharing their homes, their food, and their traditions. Guests witnessed a recreation of basket weaving, traditional cooking, arts and crafts, and ceremonial dancing. There was even time for an impromptu game of rugby with a coconut. This adventure was built around a scuba trip through Float N' Flag Travel (And Dive Centre) in Burlington, Ontario. Although the focus was on underwater adventure, the group experienced unexpected adventures and thrills on land too. This was truly a voyage that immersed these lucky Canadians in the magic of Fiji. Journey with them as you watch the highlights of their experiences.

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