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Q. In addition to my home inspection, are there other inspections that I should consider when purchasing a home?

A: You bet. As a part of your purchase agreement, it is a good idea to specify a period of time after acceptance to complete any inspections and investigations that you feel are necessary to satisfy yourself with the condition of the property. Doing this will afford you the opportunity to gather information about items not included in your home inspection.


Your home inspector should follow a recognized standard of practice that will ensure you a thorough home inspection. Your home inspector will cover most areas of the home, but they are careful to not take on liability for issues outside their area of expertise. When a home inspector finds a potential problem, they will often recommend specific additional inspections by licensed contractors. The following are examples of additional inspections that buyers commonly obtain during the purchase process. Industry specific professionals augment work done by home inspectors and their opinions should be obtained prior to sale.


Chimney and wood burning appliance inspections

In many cases, your home inspector will not inspect the chimney. If you suspect any fireplace or chimney issues, you should hire a chimney specialist to perform a thorough inspection. This is particularly important for older homes that show extensive use of the fireplace.


Pest inspections

A licensed pest control company will inspect for termites, carpenter ants nuisance pests. Buyers are highly recommended to obtain a wood destroying insect inspection..


Electrical inspections

In the event there is an electrical issue which is often the case in an older home, a home inspector should note in the home inspection report that a buyer obtain an additional inspection from a licensed electrician.


The above are examples of additional inspections you may want to consider. Each property will have its own specific issues that could suggest other types of inspections be done. For more information, contact your local real estate professional.

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