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When you buy a home, it isn’t like most things that if you don’t like it you can’t simply return it. I can tell you from experience that the vast majority of my clients have bought less than a handful of houses over their lifetime, with most being first, second or third time buyers. Having just been through the home buying process ourselves after some 14 years, I can tell you first hand that good solid advice is a major bonus and certainly handy during a home purchase.

Where does a person obtain the knowledge to purchase a home? Well it’s not taught in high school, or hands on anywhere that I know of. Sure, homebuyers can seek out the answers they need from individual professionals, but wouldn’t it be great to have them all accessible in one group? Where does the average person go for basic real estate information and tips and tools? Well, on Saturday, April 18th there is a free Real Estate Rookie Event.

Things change and evolve in real estate transactions and like most things, knowledge is power. Thank goodness, here in the valley, we have some excellent professionals that are eager to help, get the answers you need and have your back. RealestateRookie.ca has assembled a team of experts to guide the average rookie on their real estate journey and give them the tools, confidence and information to navigate their real estate transactions.

There are so many things to know. From help finding your dream home, qualifying and down payments, mortgages and mortgage insurance, property purchase taxes, commissions, and insurance.

Come down and meet industry experts to help you consider all available options and important issues before you take that critical first step onto the property ladder. Real estate continues to be a hot topic in the Okanagan, so attendance is expected to be great.  I’ll see you there this Saturday the 18th!

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