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The value in saying no

Happy New Year! As we start our year with our intentions being set it is important to keep in mind what you value and that you value yourself first and foremost. This means being able to keep your journey simple through intention, goals and honouring your limitations along the way.

In my last column I shared with you how I set the intention to learn to say yes to opportunities and I was very successful to that end. What I did not take into account, and am learning now, is that it is equally important to learn to say no when opportunities affect your quality of life or when circumstances require the courage to speak up and say “this does not work for me ...let’s find a better way”. I can guarantee you the better way always works out for the best of all concerned because if you are not happy your environment will reflect that right back to you.

As we contemplate what our ideal year might look like it is effective to begin with the end in mind. In other words try to imagine who, where and what you would like to be, do and have one year from now. From this perspective you can more easily set your intentions and goals and take inventory of what you might need to let go of in order to get there. You can also see where your quality of life may need some tweaking so that your journey to the end result is one of ease, grace, joy, peace and love.

A lesson that I had to learn, albeit the hard way, is that creating our ideal year and life need not be difficult. By surrendering control of the process it becomes easier and more graceful because we are living, each and every day, with an open heart and mind which in turn allows the greater powers to guide us in a very loving and joyful way and help us to create outcomes that are even better than we could have imagined.

In short, your tool for this week is finding the courage to speak up and say no and to let go of any clutter that might impede your journey through a beautiful and successful year. Clutter can include things that are material as well as any thoughts or beliefs that ultimately hinder our progress. This is really not so difficult to do when we value ourselves and our quality of life shamelessly.

I am on this journey with you and look forward creating a beautiful and magical year together. My next column will offer more tools that we can use together and as I write and share my progress with you I value your journey as well and invite you to email me with your progress and/or any questions that you may have.

My challenge to you: Just for one day.... find the courage to say no and honor your quality of life.

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