Sunscreen for the brain

A very famous public speaker from the US once labelled negative comments from uncaring people as SNIOPS and I maintain it is doubly crucial for those experiencing depression and related conditions to NOT fall into their lair of negative thoughts and comments.

Zig Ziglar explained “SNIOP” stood for “susceptible to negative influence of other people” and that is so true.

I think those of us that do have a mental illness are especially susceptible to those negative comments. We often have a positivity shield about the thickness of Saran Wrap! It does not take much to pierce this shield and suddenly we are in a downward spiral.

We saw that with a family member recently. She had made such great progress for weeks at a time with the new medicine she was on, then one day someone on Facebook made a terrible comment to her, so she cut herself. When her father found out he overreacted (as parents often do) and said she would not be allowed to be on the Internet for a day if that happened again. What he MEANT was she would not gain anything by posting news of her cutting on Facebook but she took it as punishment and one thing led to another and suddenly she found herself in the ER at Kelowna General Hospital in serious need of a strong dose of counselling.

One small comment from a SNIOP on Facebook and suddenly the family was turned upside down for two days, all because of her inability to handle that comment AND keep it in perspective.

Sometimes people are just mean, especially on social media where your friendships are wide and thick instead of concentrated and deep like you often find in your own circle of friends, or neighbours where you live. They see you daily and interact with you, where those on Facebook and other social media may live anywhere in the world and for the most time you have never even MET them in person, so they feel more comfortable taking verbal shots and even to the point of bullying.

I think it is crucial to thicken our own layer of mental protection by guarding ourselves from the influence of these people.

Next time you hear or see SNIOPs, ignore them; they add nothing to your life. Think of this as mental sunscreen meant to give your brain and life that layer of protection you deserve and need, at any age!

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Keri-Lynn is a married mother of four children and two "step-men" and has been in the print industry for 20 years. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 11 years ago and has a keen interest in sharing her wellness strategies with others.

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