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Release date: March 17, 2023

Brother movie poster

Francis and Michael are the inseparable sons of Caribbean immigrants who moved to Scarborough, Ontario in the 1980s. Their mother Ruth (Marsha Stephanie Blake) has a job that forces her to work late hours, so Francis takes care of Michael when their mother is out.

We follow the lives of the brothers as they grow. Francis (Aaron Pierre) learns that the world they live in is violent and dangerous, and he's fiercely protective of Michael (Lamar Johnson).

Exploring themes of masculinity, identity and family, a mystery unfolds during the sweltering summer of 1991, and escalating tensions set off a series of events that change the course of the brothers' lives forever. Brother crafts a timely story about the profound bond between siblings, the resilience of a community, and the irrepressible power of music.

Additional details

Runtime: 119 min

Director: Clement Virgo

Studio: Elevation Pictures

Producers: Clement Virgo, Damon D'Oliveira, Aeschylus Poulos, Sonya Di Rienzo

Screenplay: Clement Virgo

Cast: Lamar Johnson,Aaron Pierre,Marsha Stephanie Blake,Kiana Madeira,Lovell Adams-Gray

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