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Rustic Oracle

Release date: August 21, 2020

Quebec, 1990s. Ivy, an eight-year-old Mohawk girl, goes with her mother Susan in search of her teenage sister, Heather, who went missing after being seen with a young white boy on the school campus in their reserve. Raising her two daughters alone since leaving Ivy's father, Susan has little financial means to investigate. Fortunately, she can count on the hospitality of a longtime friend and on the services of a center that helps members of her community. But on the road, her nerves are strained by Ivy’s various whims, as the little girl isn’t always aware of the gravity of the situation.

Additional details

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 101 min

Director: Sonia Bonspille Boileau

Studio: 7eme Écran

Producer: Jason Brennan

Screenplay: Sonia Bonspille Boileau

Cast: Lake Delisle,Carmen Moore,McKenzie Deer Robinson,Margo Kane,Alex Rice

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