Stuart Kyle
Kelowna School District No. 23

I don't have all the answers but as a father of 3 and the 4th on the way, my wife and I of 12 years feel this is the best thing we can do to help our kids and yours. Why else am I running?
Because I am a homeowner and tax-payer who lives in Kelowna – just like you!
Because I am a parent who wants our children to get the best – just like you!
Because we want to get a generation of educated children that can think for themselves and have a great future- just like you!
Because I believe our children should be safe and protected – just like you!
Because this is where the path starts and I feel we need to prepare our kids for their future with education and life skills -Just like you!
Because I want to hear from you, work together and represent you at our School Board.


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