Mohini Singh (incumbent)
Kelowna Councillor

Two-term incumbent city councillor Mohini Singh is seeking re-election to Kelowna City Council. “It has been a tremendous honor and opportunity for me to serve the citizens of Kelowna and bring their diverse perspectives and voices to the table. Although we have accomplished a lot during the past term, there is a significant amount of work left to be done to make our city the best mid-sized city in North America. I want Kelowna to be a city that is a safe and vibrant place to live, work, and play.”
Singh’s platform is built on the priorities established by the current Council which include: building vibrant urban centers; ensuring a healthy, safe, active, and inclusive community; delivering a balanced transportation network; acting as a catalyst for business; creating housing diversity; addressing homelessness; ensuring public safety; preserving agricultural land; providing clean drinking water; and, ensuring strong financial management at the local level.
“Kelowna is experiencing tremendous growth, and with that growth, we need to ensure that we address the concerns of our increasingly diverse population. I see addressing the homelessness situation as a key priority; this is an issue at the forefront for many jurisdictions, and Kelowna is no different. I strongly support partnerships between all levels of government, community agencies, and not-for-profit organizations to address this issue using a multi-faceted approach, aimed at reducing both the incidence and impact. Additionally, I believe the preservation of agricultural lands and delivering an effective public transportation system are crucial to building an active, healthy, and inclusive community for all our citizens.”


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