Mo Rajabally
Kelowna Councillor

First, I thank you, Canada, for welcoming me in 1967. You and I are getting younger together. I would like to make a contribution to Kelowna City Council, based on the education and experience you allowed me to acquire. I would very much appreciate a few good words from you. In a sense, I need your help.

Over the years, you and I keep getting younger and you allowed me to do my thing in Kelowna, with the help of your Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For the hundreds of letters I have had published in our local papers in the past 42 years, I will here conform to my pre-packaged behaviour of speaking my mind, immaterial of the consequence.

I am running because the past Council has been frankly unimpressive, catering to the business community. I was furious, like many other citizens, when Council took our lakeshore and handed it over on a platter to Tourism Kelowna.

The present Council seeking re-election has destroyed Kelowna by rewarding business with all kinds of building permits, punishing residents with traffic and pollution. Council’s treatment of the rich, in comparison to the way it has treated the homeless has been inhuman, and now trying desperately to make amends.

And, has anyone noticed the yearly property tax increase, when more houses were supposed to reduce City Hall expenses?

In conclusion, the present Council seeking re-election faces big challenges, and it is entirely up to voters. Besides, there is so much to enjoy in our great country today, yet Canada is much more than its collective physical beauty. Today, we are Canadians who are diverse in so many ways; languages, religions, cultures and climates. We are all equals: no favouritism.


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