Greg Dahms
Kelowna Councillor

Greg Dahms is a successful local business owner and animal advocate. He owns and operates the Kelowna SPCA Thrift Store, which has helped raise much needed funds for Kelowna’s local SPCA Shelter.

He was born and raised in Vancouver. In 2002 he moved to the Okanagan with his wife, René, where they started their family. They now have two wonderful children and a rescue dog named Bear.

Greg is an avid photographer and loves the outdoors.

Election platform:
Create a vibrant, sustainable and safe city for everyone to enjoy.

To accomplish this we need to ensure:

Foster small business growth as well as attract new businesses to the region to ensure future job creation and a strong economy.
Ensure our transportation infrastructure keeps up with our growing city as well as public transit.

Increase the availability of rental units and affordable housing.
Use the tax base we already have and use it wisely to ensure no major tax hikes

A safe place to live for our residents as well as the tourists that visit our jewel of a city.
Address the homeless population as well as the impact it is having on our city.

A growing city needs a strong community. To thrive we need to foster economic opportunities, protect our environment and create safe, affordable public spaces we can all enjoy.


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