Craig Hostland
Kelowna Councillor

I’m a classically educated Civil/Structural/Environmental Engineer with over 40 years of experience in my field. My key strengths include issue identification and problem solving. I have used these skillsets and my business degree to build three successful businesses here in the Okanagan. I served as President, VP, secretary, and treasurer of the Home Inspector’s Association over a decade, and direct Government liaison to the Premier’s office to help turn the home inspection industry into a regulated profession. While completing my Ph.D., I developed a billion-dollar health care savings program; designed and created software for the first holistic indoor environmental assessment tool (a version is free for homeowners on my website); and published peer reviewed journal papers on cutting edge environmental and Canadian cold regions building technology.

I believe this academic skillset and experience will serve our City exactly as required at this critical juncture.

I have not done this alone. Patti, my wife of 36 years, has been by my side and has worked closely with me. Over the past 20 years, we have seen this City miss the mark on resolving critical issues such as sustainable community development - creating unparalleled congestion, ballooning housing costs, rampant crime, and homelessness. My economics and business background and academic training will be helpful as we work towards infrastructure and taxation solutions that are cost effective, fair, and still support robust economic growth and activity in our City. We can have it both, but under a strict process using elusive but tried and true means.

I see our city following down the same path of many cities in North America that once shone. I don’t want that for you and I don’t want it for my grandchildren.

In the mid-90’s, the Future Growth Sustainable Communities model was thwarted by contrary interests. City variances allowed for satellite residential developments like Kettle Valley and Gallagher’s Canyon that became examples of unrestrained urban sprawl without a community core. Over time, this boiled over into misdirected expensive infrastructure development that has left us with both out of control traffic and out of line housing costs. Since 2014 we have seen our capital expenditure deficit balloon to half a billion dollars of unsustainable sprawled urban development investment and policing costs that has ballooned as crime escalates.

Sustainable funding models require a lifecycle social cost benefit approach. Too many projects are built without a sustainable program that supports long-term Municipal initiatives. Initiatives should be evaluated considering all aspects of the fiscal and social scale in our community. As an example, I endorse Gord Lovegrove’s roundabouts first initiative. Construction costs are roughly the same, but roundabouts reduce delays and crashes by up to 75%, reducing travel-time and improving safety. Go to LOVEGROVEkelowna.ca for many more examples of how we will achieve more with less in a pragmatic, engineered process, with verified methods.

I’m an unabashed problem solver, decision maker and team player. I seek sound judgement based on Engineering principles. I’m direct but responsive. I work to consolidate issues and move them towards resolution.
I accomplish what I vision, and I vision timely solutions to Kelowna’s key critical issues that will require a bull dog determination and focus.
Now is the time for me to roll up my sleeves and get intimately involved with the challenges this City faces. I ask that you consider my skills and passion when voting for the next City council.


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